Keep calm and code on

This post is a therapeutic one. I need to vent, I need to let it out.


Ok deep breathe ... Breathe in ... Breathe out ...

So I need to let a few things out. My first and most frustrating one is, can we please have some kind of proper standard for discussion and fact checking? I mean I get that when it comes to value and money. people get emotional but this is ridiculous. 

I thought we were a group of educated science loving people, but this looks more and more like a Republican convention !

Here are some of the common pattern that I can't stand anymore!

I told you so

Ok every guy on the internet, I am sorry to contradict you, but the fact that one event that you predicted happened does NOT mean that you are a prophet nor that you understand what the hell is going on. Will Ethereum be here in 6 months? Will ETC be here? Nobody knows. And I know you want to look cool and show how knowledgeable you are but usually you are not. All this is new, it is the first time this happens and unless you come with very hard evidence that your model or theory is correct, you are not better than any low level politician. 

Ethereum is doomed because xxx

Really? The project that will change the world is finished because it has done something you don't like? ok ... Or maybe this is more wishful thinking than proper analysis. Taking 2-3 "facts" and extrapolate without being too rigorous just make you look either dumb or with an agenda.

The "Bailout"

Can we please stop using words with strong emotional  connotations regardless to their actual meaning? I am ready to discuss the implications of the Hard Fork with anybody, I even think that we need this constructive discussion to move forward and make sure the project will be more and more awesome everyday. But if you say bailout, you lost me. You either don't know what it means or you don't care ... either way this is dumb

Discussion standard

So first of all, let me say that I am not naive and I know very well that there is no way that people will follow these discussion standards. People will always stay the same and they won't change because I write it in a post. But in these times where people drive me crazy by rebashing the same stories over and over again, I have faith that some people will connect with my struggle and I can maybe meet some people with a positive and civil attitude. 


So before everything, we should try to define what we mean when we say something subjective or non precise. For example if we say that we predict that the value will surge, what do you mean exactly? from 10 to 100$? from 10 to 20$? from 10 to 11$ ? A lot of discussions where around the definition of "immutability" and "decentralization" but very often those terms are coming as self explanatory. I know I am right because everybody has the same understanding than me of this word. Guess what? This is not very constructive ! It is impossible to get anywhere if we don't make sure we are talking about the same thing.

Let's be civil / solution oriented

I get it. A lot of money is at stake. We are here to change the world, not just fool around.  But we don't care if you are right or not? This is not the point! You are insignificant! Please repeat after me, I am insignificant. 

Your opinion does not matter. All that matters is if the project is a success or a failure. All that matters is whether the value goes up or down, if projects are started on Ethereum or not. 

And if you still think that your opinion is so great, please be civil. We all are trying to make the world a better place. We are trying to change humanity, improve people's lives. Bullying and shouting never helps when this is what you are trying to do.

Keep calm and code on

I think there is one point about the hard fork that I find very interesting and that shows that we are still a long way to the world computer. We all talked about the miners and about the exchange and the token holders .. But what about the projects on Ethereum ? Imagine such an event taking place on the web of the 90's. You would ask the ISPs, maybe the internet users, but wouldn't you ask Microsoft? AOL? Altavista ? (Google wasn't here yet). People treat us like Bitcoin because we are doing enough of the computing part. So please people. please keep calm and code on! We need your projects! We need you to shape the future of this network. 

And a last word for the guys who helped making the HF. Thank you all! You are amazing and you are truly dedicated to your project. Technically speaking, the hard fork was a success and this is thanks to you! 

Ok it feels good to let it out! Thank you for supporting my rant. It was exactly what I needed. I wish all of you a lot of success and I am looking forward to change the world with you all